CDW Marketing Operations Coordinator in Lincolnshire, Illinois


R o le O v e r v iew

The Marketing Delivery team brings the marketing strategies and plans to life for the customer by becoming expert in effectively executing outbound marketing content and messaging. This team distributes all activities in the marketing plan to customers using the pre-selected marketing channel, including events. They support cross-marketing functions by facilitating traditional project management and providing collateral to the CDW Sales team. This team will oversee and enforce governance, helping to ensure that agreed upon principles and guidelines are taught, communicated, understood and adhered to. This team will also support the technology requirements of the marketing organization, managing rollouts, upgrades, etc.

The Marketing Operations Coordinator manages the creation, development, and implementation of print, digital, and event marketing activities and ensures the timely completion of CDW’s strategic marketing plans. These activities are planned yearly, as well as added incrementally.

Rolling up to the Marketing Delivery team, it is essential for the Marketing Operations Coordinator (MOC) to develop a basic understanding of the strategy and individual marketing campaigns as well as solutions areas.

Marketing Operations Coordinator

This role ensures that marketing activities are in alignment with integrated planning’s strategy by reviewing all content and messaging for accuracy. They act as single point of contact, collaborating with agencies or internal teams to communicate direction on messaging, design, circulation, merchandising and target audience. They handle the management of projects and are responsible for the completion of marketing activities and the creative approval process.

K e y A r e a s of R e sp o nsibi l ity

  • CommunicatesCDW’s overall mission, incorporating corporate and campaign goals and keymessages into every project.

  • Maintainsa basic understanding of the strategy of the various marketing campaignsas well as campaign focuses.

  • Manages the project milestonesfrom strategic development to execution of a project and ensuring the activity requirementsare met and project successfully delivered

  • Develops andmaintains relationships with key stakeholders/partners at all levels.

  • Provides alerts tostakeholders for the initiation of a project or activity milestone duringactivity execution and throughout annual planning processes.

  • Maintains two way communications withactivity execution and business owner teams.

  • Proactively works to resolve businesschallenges while maintaining efficiencies.

Marketing Operations Coordinator:

  • Schedulesand facilitates brainstorming meetings along with status calls with theagency/internal design teams to communicate projects at risk

  • Coordinatesall stakeholder communications, feedback and approvals in a timely manner.

  • Tracksprogress to ensure successful completion within scheduled deadlines andprovide communication to stakeholders.

  • Handlesthe coordination of projects and is responsible for the completion ofmarketing activities and the creative approval process.

  • Managesthe high-level organization for all projects.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor'sdegreein, Business, Marketing, Communications, or related orequivalent field

  • 1yearexperiencecoordinatingmarketingactivities

Other Required Qualifications

  • Demonstratedabilitytobalance multipleprioritiessimultaneouslywithstrongattentionto detail.

  • Strongorganizationalskillswithatrackrecordofmeetingdeadlinesandtheabilitytoadapttothechangingneedsofthebusiness.

  • Excellentwrittenandverbalcommunicationskillswiththeabilitytoeffectivelyarticulateinformationand interactwithstakeholdersatall levelsincludingseniorleadership.

  • Proven ability toproactively collaborate andbuild relationships,takeinitiative, and creativelyproblem-solve.

  • Historyofsuccessfullycoordinatingcomplex projects, withmultiplefacetsandstakeholders.

  • UnderstandingofMicrosoftOfficeapplications.

Preferred Qualifications

  • 1 year of projectmanagementexperience.

  • 1 year of experiencein marketing/communicationsenvironment.

  • Understanding andproficiency in using project management tools including workflow systems like IBMEnterprise Marketing Management - EMM, and Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Marketing Operations Coordinator

Lincolnshire, IL