CDW Digital Asset Librarian in Lincolnshire, Illinois

The Marketing Digital Asset Librarian classifies, organizes, manages, maintains, controls and secures assets in the eCommerce and Marketing digital libraries. Assets include but are not limited to: documents, PDFs, webpages, images, presentations and rich media including video, audio, multimedia package files. Manages lifecycle of information from creation to publication to archival. Develops strategy for adopting digital asset management (DAM) industry-leading standards, best practices and technologies.

Key Areas of Responsibility

  • Works closely with the DAM platform owner and acts as gatekeeper and main point of contact for questions/issues related to the DAM

  • Works with internal and external stakeholders to validate existing taxonomy, metadata and security requirements for new digital assets and user roles and maintains governance of established taxonomy and metadata standards

  • Conduct regular asset audits to ensure published assets are relevant and appropriately catalogued and tagged

  • Coordinate resolution of any production issues from areas of researching, identifying fixes, supporting technical experts and deployment, and gathering documentations

  • Manage technology licenses, user permissions, and growing set of digital assets

  • Manage DAM reports to support business stakeholder managing assets, taxonomy, metadata and workflow process

  • Liaison between various business groups, IT, and steering group


  • Manage the deployment of AEM Asset small enhancements and support power users/admin to capture enhancement ideas

  • Manages and organizes an AEM administrators guide, and the site-specific group of documents that help communicate standards and processes with technology end users

  • Manage configuration of Asset Share Page

  • Identifies and validates new taxonomy and metadata needs.

  • Monitors asset usage and make recommendations to creative stakeholders to increase the adoption of the technology


Education and/or Experience Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience

  • 1 year working in digital asset management (DAM) or web content management (WCM) system

  • 1 year business experience in sales, marketing or operations

Other Required Qualifications

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, Outlook PowerPoint and One Drive

  • Knowledge of taxonomy and metadata structures

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to effectively interact with and present to all stakeholders.

  • Highly organized, detail oriented, and results focused

Preferred Qualifications

  • Marketing or Merchandising background preferred

  • Familiarity with Adobe Create Suite including Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

  • Knowledge with Adobe Experience Manager or Adobe Marketing Cloud

  • Understanding of maintaining and improving taxonomy & metadata schemas within DAM and the Adobe ecosystem

  • Experience with Project Management & strategic planning for future roadmap

  • Demonstrate ability to think strategically and prioritize

Digital Asset Librarian

Lincolnshire, IL